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Naeole family love that their energy is coming from the sun.

One of the Best Decisions They’ve Ever Made

John and Rose Naeole

The Naeoles started getting curious about solar energy when their neighbors, then sister got solar photovoltaic systems for their homes. Frustrated with continuously rising electricity bills, they started to seriously consider the viability of solar energy. Seeing the television and newspaper ads, they decided to go straight down to the Haleakala Solar store in the Maui Mall.

At the time a nurse, Rose was delighted to find their salesperson, Anselm, happened to be a former patient. John and Rose tend to research things inside and out before making a decision. Anselm, though, answered their questions so clearly and thoroughly that they both felt safe and comfortable with everything they heard and soon decided to move forward with getting a PV system.

One of the most positive things that came out of the whole process was the relationship they developed with Anselm. He repeatedly checked in on them to make sure everything was going well. They felt that he really cared and it was a nice reassurance for Rose and John that someone was there to take care of them every step of the way. Installation of their new solar system went off without a hitch and everything worked just like they were told it would.

Looking back, the Naeoles feel it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Their electrical bill is now only a little over $18 a month and they feel good knowing they went with a long-running, solid company that will be there when they need them.

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