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Lahaina, Maui family Rozic monthly electric bill went from $300-$400 to under $19 a month.

Doing Something For The Next Generation

Joe and Sharon Rozic

Joe Rozic has experienced much in his life. Starting out as an electrical engineer, he switched courses, learned to fly in the Navy then became a United Airlines pilot. While flying with United he got to see and experience a wide variety of places and one of them, Hawaii, was where he and wife Sharon, eventually decided to settle.

Joe and Sharon built a house and soon realized electricity costs here in Hawaii are much higher than in other places they had lived. They heard about the solar tax credits the government was giving for solar energy and decided it made a lot of financial sense to go solar.

They started to search for a solar contractor. They met Haleakala Solar owner, Jim Whitcomb and immediately felt comfortable with him. He was hands on, down to earth and very knowledgable. They signed a contract and got their new photovoltaic system installed. Soon their monthly electrical bill went from an average of $300-400 to under $19 a month.

One of the other benefits, besides the monetary savings, is the peace of mind knowing that they are doing something for the next generation. Weather aberrations due to climate change seem to be increasing year after year and Joe and Sharon felt it was important to do their part by cutting down their carbon footprint. By installing their new photovoltaic system they took a major step forward towards accomplishing this.

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