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Commercial Solar Electric

Take Control

Utilities can account for a significant portion of an organization’s operating expenses.  More and more companies are switching to solar for their energy needs. When your business converts to solar power, you will generate both quick payback and long-term savings. Our solar electric photovoltaic (PV) system will greatly reduce your company’s electric bill as well as protect against ever-increasing electricity rates by locking in low, dependable electricity for years to come (learn how solar photovoltaic electric systems work). As utility rates increase, your savings will continue to grow, year after year.

Great For Your Company's Image

Utilizing solar energy will not only reduce operating expenses, but will serve as an active public relations tool. Having an environmentally responsible image is great for any business. What better way to show consumers you care about the environment than through investing in solar energy to run your operation?

Commercial Specialists

Commercial installations are often much larger and more complicated than most residential installations. This is where our 40+ years of experience comes into play. We have a dedicated team of commercial system specialists who understand the various issues involved with larger setups who will work with you every step along the way from concept to completion.

Taking Advantage

In business in Hawaii since 1977, Haleakala Solar has extensive experience helping organizations create ideal solutions for even the most substantial energy requirements. Take advantage of the current tax incentives and financing options to begin saving on your electric bill immediately.

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