How much does energy waste cost you each year. Time to find out.


There is a wide array of areas in which energy can be saved (many of which most people are unaware of). Our highly trained Energy Conservation Team will do a thorough energy usage analysis of your business. This can range from a simple inspection to in-depth energy audit. From the information collected, we can determine your baseline usage and then recommend an energy management plan to optimize and make more efficient your power consumption.

Some of the potential areas that may be covered:

  • Test-Analysis-Maintenance of Electric Power
  • Lines, Systems and Equipment
  • Energy Use Inspections, Audits and Modeling
  • Metering & Reporting
  • Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Balancing
  • Lighting Design, Alternatives and Controls
  • Water and Industrial Pump/Motor Evaluation
  • HVAC Motor Inspection
  • Refrigeration Lighting and Controls
  • Chiller and Building Cooling Inspection
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Rebate Program Assistance and Management
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