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Take Control

Hawaii is known for its beautiful surroundings and sunny weather, yet more petroleum is shipped here than any other state and electricity rates are the highest in the nation.  Take control of your electricity costs and make a smart investment by going solar!

A solar electric photovoltaic (PV) system turns sunlight into usable electricity (learn more about how solar photovoltaic electric systems work). Due to Hawaii’s high utility rates and abundance of sunshine, more and more individuals and businesses are moving towards this renewable energy source. Coupled with government tax incentives, it is now one of the best investments you can make. With the proper number of panels installed, your electricity bill will be basically brought down to zero. The only amount you would pay is the minimum your electrical company charges to be hooked up to their grid.

Another great thing about PV systems is there are no moving parts, unlike other renewable energy technology, making them extremely reliable, with excellent efficiency and durability backed up by long-term warranties.

Start Saving Today

Haleakala Solar will utilize its 40+ years of experience to help you choose the best solar electric system to meet your energy needs.  Our trained professionals will be with you every step of the way from analyzing your current usage and utility bills to answering questions about financial incentives. Electricity rates have been rising 6% annually over the past 30 years nationwide.  Avoid bill increases and start saving right away.

There are two basic ways to finance your solar photovoltaic electricial system. There's the Traditional Cash Purchase or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Visit our financial options page to learn more.

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