With you every step of the way.
steps to solar

Haleakala Solar will be with you during the entire process on your journey to clean energy. From advising on the proper system to install, to financing, designing, installing and maintaining your system, we try to make sure the ride is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

Every situation is different, so we begin the process by discussing both your financial goals and energy needs. We’ll then visit your home or business to evaluate the best location of the system and review your energy use patterns. From this data, Haleakala Solar will develop a proposal for you.

Step 2: Proposal

Our detailed written proposal will include a recommendation on a system best fit for your specific needs, pricing, and a financial analysis that will show you how much money you could save over time.

Step 3: Financing

We have several financial options to help you with your solar project. For photovoltaic systems, Haleakala Solar offers both a Traditional Cash Purchase or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program. We can also help direct you to other financing options if needed. We will also give you guidance with federal and Hawaii state government tax credit and rebate opportunities that can dramatically offset your investment costs.

Step 4: Design

We are one of the few solar companies in Hawaii with our own in-house engineering design team. Hot water solar systems are fairly straightforward, but usually photovoltaic electric systems need design plans. Haleakala Solar designers will create a custom plan for your solar energy system based on your home or business building’s architectural, as well as, electrical needs. We also take into account a myriad of information including shade analysis, sun zones, and micro-climates. We are the only company on Maui who has real time data of over 800 systems which allow us to design systems based on information specific to each geographic location.

One other thing, we understand that you want your house to look as good as it functions. Our years of experience have given us extensive knowledge on not just the proper structural and mechanical aspects of the system, but in how to design and locate the panels so that you’re happy with how they LOOK as well as WORK.

Step 5: Installation

Our installation teams take great pride in the way systems are installed. They keep disruptions at a minimum and respect the privacy and space of every home and business owner. Installation times for residential homes generally range from a day to a week. Commercial projects vary greatly depending on the system size and complexity, but a time estimate would be given before installation. Haleakala Solar’s Customer Service team will make sure all building permits and inspections are taken care of as well as the final connection to the utility grid.

Step 6: Continuous Check-up

Haleakala Solar is committed to looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of every solar system. For example, one of the ways we do that is the use of microinverters. Every residential solar panel we install is connected to an Enphase Energy microinverter. Each microinverter integrates advanced networking technology and web-based software to enable new levels of intelligence and connectivity. This gives each panel the ability to operate independently, leading to significant improvements in energy production and also allows you to access your system’s production status at anytime through your online Enphase Energy account. This is only one of the things we do to make sure you are receiving the highest quality in solar technology in Hawaii today.

Contact us today to find out more about microinverter technology and get answers to any other solar energy related questions you may have.

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