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Commercial Solar Client Profiles

Haleakala Solar is proud and honored to have been selected by over ten thousand individuals and businesses to fulfill their solar energy needs. Although this is only a small sampling of the thousands of clients we have serviced over the years on the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Oahu and Kauai, each have their own unique story which we want to share with you.


Blue Hawaiian Goes Green

Blue Hawaiian, the largest and most successful aerial tour company in Hawaii, has been committed to green leadership throughout their long history. Haleakala Solar's Jim Whitcomb explains, “Blue Hawaiian presented us with substantial energy requirements, especially given their FAA Certified Service Center which draws power for mechanical and maintenance equipment, compressors, electric tools, and sophisticated devices like a state-of- the-art flight simulator. In addition, their two Operations Center buildings are fully air conditioned and contain extensive computer networks, interior display enhancements, guest services, water features, and so on.

Not only were we able to work with Blue to create an ideal solution, but we also incorporated an automatic washing system that keeps the panels running at peak efficiency. Blue Hawaiian is happy to report that, on average, their system is handling over 90 percent of their electrical requirements on Maui. To find out more information about Blue Hawaiian go to:


Surfing Goat Dairy Catches the Solar Energy Wave

Surfing Goat Dairy, located on the slopes of Maui's Haleakala Crater has been producing award winning “Maui Gourmet Goat Cheeses” for 10+ years. Owned and operated by German expatriates Thomas and Eva Kafsack, Surfing Goat Dairy represents one of only two goat dairies in the state. It is located on 42 acres with almost two-thirds dedicated as pasture, giving the Dairy's three bucks and over 100 does plenty of space to roam and forage.

Surfing Goat decided they wanted to transition their farm from oil burning electricity to clean solar energy and brought in Haleakala Solar to do the job. The challenge was to design a system that would utilize the structures that were in place while still creating enough electricity to fulfill the farm’s energy needs. In the end, 210 Motech Panels (at 235 Watts per panel) using Enphase inverters were installed. 132 went on the barn and 78 went on the carport. Installation went off without a hitch and Surfing Goat now saves over $2,000/month on their electric bill.

To find out more information about Surfing Goat Dairy go to:
Maui TV News Article


Historic Lahaina Inn and Lahaina Grill Both Go Solar

Lahaina Grill and Lahaina Inn have substantial energy needs from hot water to air conditioning to electrical. They contacted Haleakala Solar to come up with innovative solutions that would maximize the amount of energy saved and created for the money invested. The design engineers of Haleakala Solar hunkered down and came up a unique plan which incorporated several different techniques and systems. They included:

  • Hot water with "on demand" backup for the Lahaina Inn.
  • A $100,000 photovoltaic system that provides for the electricity in the building for Lahaina Grill and Lahaina Inn. The system has a unique internet based monitoring system with login to monitor exact, up-to-the-minute energy savings.
  • Recommendations for retrofitting and upgrade of all air conditioning systems for both Lahaina Grill and Lahaina Inn.
  • A Waste Heat Recovery System which gathers the heat off of the air- conditioning system and sends it to a heat exchanger which creates approximately 7-8 gallons of extremely hot water per ton per hour (example: in 8 hours of air-conditioning running, 280 gallons of hot water are produced). A highly efficient way to create energy using renewable energy.

To find out more information about The Lahaina Grill go to:

To find out more information about The Lahaina Inn go to:


Autotech Maui Goes High Tech With Solar Energy

Autotech Maui is an auto repair and service company that specializes in European cars. They have highly trained technicians who perform anything from a simple oil-change to major restoration or even full-on race car build.

"Haleakala Solar designed and installed a photovoltaic system for Autotech that has proven to be an excellent investment. It saved us money right out of the gate. And the install process was quick, efficient, and of the highest quality hardware and craftsmanship. I know I can count on them as a partner in the future as well given their experience in and commitment to the solar industry."
–Philipp Mueller, Owner Autotech Maui

To find out more information about Autotech Maui go to:


Gammie Home Care Commits to Clean Energy

Gammie Homecare is a supplier for quality mobility and rehabilitation equipment for Hawaii's residents and disabled tourist. Working with Haleakala Solar, they installed a 30kw photovoltaic system, and it provides almost all of the electricity needs for this home care business. During the summer when the system is generating maximum output, the Gammie Home Care electric bill is getting credits through net metering, even with the air conditioning going full throttle.

"We have been extremely pleased with our solar investment and working with Haleakala Solar; it has been a positive experience from start to finish. The system is working as good or better than promised. They finished everything in a timely manner, as promised. The calculations on our electric bill savings were conservative, and we are doing even better than was expected. For the few service needs we have had with the system, Haleakala Solar has handled them in a professional and timely manner."
–Paul Gammie, Gammie Home Care

To find out more information about Gammie Home Care go to:

A Few Of The Other Clients That We Are Proud to Have Served:

  • Agora Realty
  • Alii Koa Apartments
  • Arita Poulson General Contracting, Maui
  • Bear Machinery, Oahu
  • BJ Furniture, Maui
  • Coconut Inn, Maui
  • DHX, Maui
  • Ewa Kai Hotel, Oahu
  • Governor's Mansion, Oahu
  • Haiku Recreation, Maui
  • Hale Makua Health Services, Maui
  • Hamai Appliance, Maui
  • Harbor Lights, Maui
  • Hololani Condo, Maui
  • Honokowai East Apartment, Maui
  • Ironwoods at Kapalua, Maui
  • Kaanapali Royale, Maui
  • Kahului Library, Maui
  • Kanai’a Nalu, Maui
  • Kihei Kai Nani Village, Maui
  • Kipukai Ranch, Kauai
  • Lahaina Roads, Maui
  • Lea Lea Hale Hotel, Oahu
  • Lihi Kai Cottages, Maui
  • Lono Student Housing, Maui
  • Lowson Associates, Maui
  • Maalaea Banyan, Maui
  • Maalaea Yacht Marina, Maui
  • Mahinahina Beach Resort, Maui
  • Mana Kai Condo, Maui
  • Manana Gardens, Oahu
  • Maui El Dorado, Maui
  • Maui Parkshores, Maui
  • Mauian Hotel, Maui
  • Menehune Shores, Maui
  • Napili Surf, Maui
  • Nohonani Condo, Maui
  • Papali Wailea, Maui
  • Piilani Gardens, Maui
  • Pohailani Townhouse, Maui
  • Polynesian Shores Condo, Maui
  • Puamana Laundromat, Maui
  • Puamana Nui Development, Maui
  • Puamana P.U.D., Maui
  • Sands of Kahana, Maui
  • Shores of Maui, Maui
  • Sugar Beach Condo, Maui
  • The Ridge at Kapalua, Maui
  • Tokyo Tei Restaurant, Maui
  • Wailea Ekolu, Maui
  • Wailea Gateway, Maui
  • Waimalu Apartments, Oahu
  • Waiohuli Beach Hole, Maui
  • Washtub Laundromat, Maui