Commercial - Solar Hot Water

Why Solar Hot Water?

In Hawaii Solar Hot Water Is The First Line Of Defense Against High Electricity Bills. Here's How It Works:


Solar Collectors

There are two major components to a solar hot water system. The first is the solar collector. It is installed on a roof facing the sun. Running through the collectors are copper tubing, filled with water that absorb energy from the sun during the day.


Hot Water Tank

The second main element is the water tank which gathers and stores the hot water that flows in from the solar hot water panels.

The water in the solar collectors, heated from the sun, flows through piping and circulates into the tank, which ends up heating the water already collected from before.


Ready To Go

Hot water is now available which can be piped throughout the house for use in showers, sinks and appliances.

The heating system is backed-up by electrical or gas so there will always be hot water, even on cloudy days.

The great thing about living in Hawaii is our year round sunshine which means the back up systems are used only sparingly.


Solar Hot Water Benefits

Reduced Energy Costs - For years and years, Solar Hot Water Systems have been the standard bearer for reducing electricity costs and this combined with available tax credits and local rebates gives Solar Hot Water Systems the shortest payback period of any property improvement, including PV. Payback periods often run under 2 or 3 years!

Increased Property Value - In today’s market, green technology is gaining popularity with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. A recent study found that for every $100 saved per year through solar energy, the property's value is increased by $2000.

Tax Incentives - As energy costs continue to rise, both Federal and State governments are offering tax incentives to encourage solar power. They understand that clean, renewable energy is good for the environment, the economy, and most importantly, for your family.