Solar and Roofing Financing Options

There Are A Number Of Excellent Options To Finance Your Solar or Roofing System

Traditional Cash Purchase

Cash is King. An outright cash purchase offers the best Return on Investment because you avoid paying any interest or financing fees. In addition, we accept Credit Cards as cash and if you take advantage of our 18 Month No Interest No Payment Loan listed below you can take a little time to drum up the cash.

Solar And Roofing Loans

Our Solar loan partners have expanded into roofing so you can now finance your Roofing System with us whether you install solar or not. All of our loan options are Zero Down and they include several low interest options for both short term and long term loans. In addition, we now offer 18 month No Interest No Payment options if you need a little time to pull the cash together or secure your Tax Incentives.

Many of our local banks and credit unions support sustainable energy and have “green energy” loans. In addition, our local banks and credit unions allow borrowers to leverage the value of their property through mortgage refinancing or a home equity loan. Haleakala Solar works with a number of local financial institutions and can help guide you through this process.

Power Purchase Agreements For PV

If you are not able to take advantage of the Solar Tax Credits you may qualify for our Power Purchase Agreement which allows a third party to take advantage of the tax credits and pass the savings to you in the form of a low price per kWh. The program is simple and includes warranty and maintenance. 

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