Solar Energy Consultation

Take The Next Step


Whether you need a new roof or want to take control of your electricity bill or both, it starts with a consultation with a Haleakala Solar and Roofing Expert. Your consultant will work with you to understand your concerns, address your questions, conduct a detailed inspection, take measurements, assist with material selections and deliver a proposal on the spot. Once your satisfied, your consultant will discuss terms and assist with finalizing your paperwork and agreement including offering zero down financing options with same day approvals.

Project Coordination And Installation

Your Consultant will then work with our Installation team to assign a dedicated Project Coordinator and upload your project details. Once processed, your Project Coordinator will reach out right away to usher you through the installation process. The first step will be to finalize your Solar or Roofing System design then send it to you for review. Once you approve the final designs, we will obtain the necessary permits and approvals and schedule your installation. Our crews will then complete your installation in a safe, coordinated and cleanly manor.

Approvals And Monitoring

Once your Roofing or Solar System is installed, our install team will work with the permit office to conduct their inspections.

For Solar installations, there will be a short delay while we work with the electricity company to grant permission to activate your System. In the meantime, our installation crews will connect an internet based monitoring device to your PV System allowing you to monitor in real-time how much electricity your System is producing.