Commercial - Solar PV

Solar PV For Your Business

Technology Improvements And Tax Incentives Have Dramatically Improved The Payback Period For PV on Commercial Properties


Solar PV Panels

Solar panels, made up of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. In essence, they turn dormant roofs into mini-electric power stations.



The DC power is then transferred from the solar photovoltaic panels to micro inverters, where it is converted from DC power into alternating current (AC) electricity for your company. AC power travels from the inverters to the electrical panel, often called a breaker box. This power is now ready to power your business.


Grid Connection

All commercially available PV Systems, including PV Systems with Batteries, are electrically "tied" to the grid. This allows you to send excess daytime power generation to the grid assuming your batteries are full or you don't have batteries. Grid connection also allows you to access grid power at night assuming your batteries are depleted or you don't have batteries. In addition, currently all Hawaiian electricity companies offer grid connection programs that allow you to earn a credit for your excess generation that can be used to purchase power at night or anytime throughout the month when your building requires more electricity than your System generates.

Our install teams coordinate with your electricity company and permit department to prepare your buildings electrical infrastructure and then connect your solar equipment to the grid. Once complete, we instruct the permit department to check our work and we coordinate with your electricity company to validate the System and then it's time to flip the switch.


Ready To Go

You are now ready to generate clean, reliable energy on site and consume it directly from the source. Furthermore, because Photovoltaic Systems have no moving parts and are extremely durable, you will enjoy this abundant source of power for years and years to come. To be clear, that is the main reason we can back PV Systems with long-term warranties and offer long-term financing.


Solar PV Benefits

Lower Prices - In the last several years, solar technology improvements and demand have brought prices down making PV more affordable for all of us. This combined with available tax incentives has dramatically reduced the payback period for Photovoltaic Systems.

Reduced Energy Costs - The bulk of Hawaii’s energy comes from burning fossil fuels, which have historically increased at least 5% year over year. Photovoltaic Systems only need the sun’s natural light, a free and limitless source of energy. This ability to generate power without any dependence on nonrenewable fuels translates into reduced energy cost, which, in turn, results in direct savings on your properties electricity bill.

Increased Building Value - In today’s market, green technology is gaining popularity with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. A recent study found that for every $100 saved per year through solar energy, the property value is increased by $2000. Thus, if you install a Photovoltaic System that saves $10,000 in electricity cost per year, the added net value to the property would be $200,000. Since energy savings only grow as electricity rates increase, the value of a PV System also appreciates over time.

Tax Incentives - As energy costs continue to rise, both Federal and State governments are offering tax incentives to encourage solar power. They understand that clean, renewable energy is good for the environment, the economy, and most importantly, for your business and family. In addition to Tax Credits available to business owners, the equipment if of course a normal deduction for your business.