Baldwin Home Maui

Maui is a tropical paradise, an island that offers stunning beauty, a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of exciting experiences. It is also home to some of the most interesting points of interest in all of Hawaii. When visiting Maui, make sure to take the time to explore its many attractions, from its stunning beaches and lush green mountains to its cultural centers and historical sites. One such site is the Baldwin Home Museum in Lahaina, an incredible look into the past of Maui’s history and culture. Learn More

The Baldwin Home Museum found in Lahaina was built in 1834 by missionary Reverend Dwight Baldwin. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 in order to preserve its historic significance as it was once one of the very first homes on the island; however, it has since been renovated extensively after being abandoned for many years. The outside remains largely unchanged, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into history as they explore this gorgeous building and grounds. Inside you will find period furnishings and artifacts that provide even more insight into what it would have been like living there during Reverend Baldwin’s time.

The museum also houses a variety of art works from different eras depicting early life on Maui including paintings from local artists like Edward Bailey Eaton who painted scenes from around the Hawaiian Islands throughout his lifetime. The museum also offers guided tours that provide visitors with an even deeper look into local history; these tours often include talks about native Hawaiian customs, such as fishing and hula dancing, as well as stories about missionaries from long ago days. In addition to exploring the original home itself, guests can also visit nearby buildings such as two guesthouses or take part in various activities including educational programs for children onsite or at nearby museums showcasing Hawaiian artifacts or other artifacts related to early Hawaiian life.

The Baldwin Home boasts beautiful architecture inspired by traditional Hawaiian elements, such as hand-carved wooden door hinges, wide open windows with shutters, coral-rock walls and chunky wooden columns which support a large veranda which extends around three sides of the house. Inside, visitors can explore six rooms furnished with period furniture from the 19th century. These artifacts help to tell the stories of life in those days when it was considered a “country” rather than a state.

The ground floor houses two parlors; one named after Reverend Dwight Armstrong who brought Christianity to Maui in 1824 and another called King Kamehameha’s Room which honors Hawaii’s first king. The second floor comprises four rooms including a bedroom dedicated to Queen Emma Kaleleonalani – Hawaii’s beloved queen who lived at this house until her death in 1885 – as well as a room commemorating Prince Lot Kapuaiwa whose royal lineage still exists today through King Kamehameha V (the grandson of King Kamehameha I).

Aside from its rich historical significance, Lahaina is also known for many other great attractions such as Front Street which features a bustling marketplace full of shops, restaurants and galleries plus plenty of entertainment venues where you can catch live music or watch traditional hula performances while sipping cold beer under a star-filled night sky. Nearby are several world class golf courses where visitors can work on their swing while taking in stunning views of neighboring islands including Molokai and Lanai.

When visiting Maui don’t forget to check out some of its hidden gems like Honolua Bay where snorkelers and divers can see colorful reef fish amongst coral beds that are teeming with life or go whale watching during peak season when humpbacks migrate here each year to mate and give birth before heading back north again come springtime. There’s plenty more too – Na Pali Coast State Park offers amazing hikes through lush jungles filled with exotic birds while Haleakala National Park provides breathtaking view points overlooking miles upon miles of coastlines stretching out below you like ribbons between trees bathed in an orange glow at sunset time – truly magical!

Overall there’s so much history packed into this small corner of Hawaii making it one destination not to be missed next time you’re ready for an unforgettable adventure! Visiting the Baldwin Home Museum provides us with a unique insight into how life may have been centuries ago before modern conveniences arrived from afar bringing newfound comforts – yet despite all these changes over time one thing remains strong – Maui’s remarkable spirit which continues to captivate newcomers from all over the world today! Next article