Maui Butterfly Farm

Maui, a diverse and enchanting Hawaiian Island, offers travelers and locals alike breathtaking views, world-class beaches, an amazing array of outdoor activities, and some of the most unique points of interest in the world. One such point of interest is The Maui Butterfly Farm. Located in the lush green rainforest on the east side of Maui, this beautiful tropical farm offers visitors an opportunity to get up close with hundreds of butterflies from all over the world. A great place to also visit is

The Butterfly Farm is home to many different species from Hawaii and beyond. Here you can find gorgeous varieties such as the Monarch butterfly, Tiger swallowtail, Blue morpho, Great Mormon Swallowtail, Ulysses butterfly and much more! As you wander around the farm you’ll be able to observe these spectacular creatures up close in their natural environment as they flutter among vibrant flowers, colorful foliage and lush vegetation.

The history behind The Maui Butterfly Farm is quite interesting as it has been around since 1983 when it was founded by scientist Dr. Karen Wolfe who specialized in entomology. She had been conducting research at the University of Hawaii studying ways to protect endangered species when she discovered a large population of monarch butterflies living in a valley near her home. She decided to create a safe habitat for them where they could thrive away from predators and humans so that she could continue to study them in peace.

Since then The Maui Butterfly Farm has become one of the most popular attractions on the island for both locals and tourists alike as its unique setting allows visitors to experience nature at its finest while also learning about these magnificent creatures. During your visit you can learn about different species through informative plaques or join one of their guided tours which will take you around the grounds pointing out different butterflies as well as their life cycle stages such as caterpillars and pupae along with interesting facts about them like what plants they feed on or where they migrate from each year.

For over 35 years, the Maui Butterfly Farm has been taking visitors on an unforgettable journey through time and into nature as they explore the beauty of these delicate winged creatures. The farm offers guided tours that start with an educational introduction to the various types of butterflies found on the island before allowing guests to get up close to view them up close. Tour guides are knowledgeable about each species, giving detailed explanations about their life cycles and behavior.

In addition to its live butterfly viewing area, the farm also has a tropical bird aviary where you can see many species of birds from around the world in one location. Visitors can even purchase special ‘butterfly food’ which is used to feed some of these beautiful creatures while they wander around the aviary. It’s a truly unique experience that will stay with you long after your visit!

The Maui Butterfly Farm also provides educational activities for those interested in learning more about butterflies and their habitats. These activities range from lectures by entomologists on entomology basics to hands-on workshops teaching participants how to breed and raise butterflies safely at home or in classrooms. For those wishing to take part in more interactive experiences there are even classes that teach participants how to create art pieces using collected butterfly wings! These classes are all taught by experienced staff members who have extensive knowledge on creating works using such delicate materials.

As well as being a great learning experience for guests The Maui Butterfly Farm also plays an important role in sustaining local biodiversity by protecting these fragile ecosystems which provide essential habitats for both native wildlife species such as birds and bees as well as migrant butterflies coming into seasonally such as monarchs or painted ladies who fly thousands of miles each year between Mexico and Canada before ending up here on our magical island paradise!

Apart from being educational The Maui Butterfly Farm also provides guests with plenty opportunities for photography too! Whether you go alone or join one of their workshops there are plenty opportunities to get creative so make sure you bring your camera along with you! With its idyllic surroundings this charming place makes for some truly captivating shots that can be enjoyed long after your visit has come to an end!

So if you’re ever visiting Maui don’t forget to check out The Maui Butterfly Farm – a truly remarkable place filled with beauty, wonderment and knowledge that will stay with you forever! Up next