Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Oahu

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is an incredible place to explore the history of aviation in the United States. Located on historic Ford Island in Oahu, Hawaii, this museum houses a number of aircraft from both World War I and II, as well as other important aviation artifacts. There are a number of things to do when you visit Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and here we outline some of them for you. Browse around this site

The first thing that should be done when visiting Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is to take a tour and learn about the history of the site. The museum offers guided tours in English or Japanese that explain all that there is to know about the history of the museum. On these tours, visitors will get to see many original aircrafts on display such as two restored P-40s, a B-25J Mitchell bomber, and several helicopters. Additionally, visitors can check out exhibits that tell stories about important moments in aviation history; including those involved with Pearl Harbor itself.

For anyone interested in getting an up close look at some of these planes, there are volunteer docents available who can provide information on what each plane was used for during its time and how it was constructed. This hands-on approach gives visitors another kind of experience when visiting the museum by allowing them to feel connected with the past through their own interaction with these pieces of history. 

In addition to touring the museum grounds and seeing some of its aircrafts up close, visitors can also go inside certain areas that are only accessible through special permission or appointment. For example, one such area is Hangar 79 which contains many artifacts from WWII including uniforms, weapons, equipment and more that were all used by Navy personnel during this time period. These artifacts offer yet another way to connect with history while also giving insight into what life would have been like during WWII for those stationed at Pearl Harbor. 

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum also offers a variety of educational programs for children ages 5-18. These programs include “Fly By” where kids explore an aircraft hangar before flying an aircraft simulator; “Take Flight” which involves building model planes; “Aviation Adventures” where young aviators learn about air traffic control techniques; “Flight School” which teaches kids about aerospace engineering fundamentals; and finally “Space Shuttle Program” where participants design their own space shuttle mission patch for a chance to win prizes! All these programs allow children to get engaged with aviation education in fun ways while learning valuable lessons about engineering principles along the way. 

Moreover, there are plenty more activities available at Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum throughout the year such as movie screenings, lectures by guest speakers (some even famous pilots), book signings by famous authors related to aviation topics, educational workshops hosted by organizations like NASA or Boeing Aerospace Company etc., family days where activities like face painting and scavenger hunts are available etc., as well as other celebrations centered around special occasions such as Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day etc.. All these events make it easy for anyone wanting to learn more about aviation topics or just spend quality time with loved ones while having lots of fun! 

Last but not least, don’t forget about all the souvenirs you can purchase at this amazing place! From t-shirts featuring your favorite aircraft designs to mugs showing off iconic battle images from World War II – there’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking for gifts or just something special for yourself after completing your visit – this store has got you covered! 

Overall then – visiting Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is truly a unique experience filled with plenty of opportunities to learn more about aviation history while having loads of fun too! With so much going on here — from touring hangars filled with historic planes to participating in educational workshops — there’s no shortage of things to do when visiting this amazing location! For anyone looking for an exciting day out fulled with rich experiences — then look no further than Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum! Check it out here

Facts about Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Oahu

  • Located on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Features a variety of exhibits and displays showcasing the history of aviation in Hawaii and the Pacific region
  • Offers guided tours of the museum and its aircraft collection
  • Home to a number of vintage aircraft, including World War II-era planes and modern jets
  • Features a variety of interactive exhibits and displays, including simulators and hands-on exhibits
  • Offers educational programs and events for all ages
  • Home to the Pacific Aviation Museum, which presents the history of aviation in the Pacific region
  • A popular attraction for both locals and visitors interested in aviation and military history.
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