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Rec Alpha Pure

Rec Alpha Pure

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Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels are the top-of-the-line solar energy solution for residential and commercial projects alike. With their innovative design, high performance levels and affordable pricing, they offer one of the finest renewable energy solutions on the market. 

Rec Alpha Pure Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels aren’t cheap but they aren’t astronomical either. A basic system will cost around $3,000-$4,000 with installation costs usually included in that price tag. More complex systems can cost upwards of $5,000 or more if custom features are needed. However, considering the long-term savings you get from solar energy as well as potential incentive programs available in your area for going solar, the initial investment is well worth it. 

Rec Alpha Pure Efficiency

In terms of electrical data, Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels offer some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry at 20%. This means that out of every 100 watts of power generated from sunlight hitting a panel’s surface area, 20 watts will be converted into electricity that can be used to power your home or business. In addition to this impressive efficiency rating, each module also offers a maximum output voltage of 19 volts and an open circuit voltage (OCV) between 22-44 volts depending on temperature conditions present during operation. 

Rec Alpha Pure Maximum Ratings

The maximum ratings for Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels include a maximum power rating (Pmax) of 310 watts and a short circuit current (Isc) of 10A per module under standard test conditions (STC). These powerful modules can handle temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius with little loss in performance when installed correctly according to manufacturer guidelines. 

Solar Panel Low Light Behaviors

Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels also feature good low light behaviors which means they perform well even when there’s not enough sunlight strength present for optimal power generation. Under these circumstances, each individual panel is able to produce up to 7% more peak power than it would under normal conditions thanks to its unique design structure and advanced silicon cells which absorb more sunlight than competing models on the market today. 

Rec Alpha Pure Dimensions

Finally, general data about these solar panels includes dimensions of 65 inches x 39 inches x 1 inch for each individual module as well as an expected lifetime guarantee lasting 25 years or more depending on model selection and proper maintenance routine practices being followed over time. Additionally all Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels come equipped with an IP67 rated junction box which adds another layer of protection against dust/debris as well as water ingress due to exposure from natural elements like rain or snow over extended periods of time. 

All in all Rec Alpha Pure Solar panels offer one of world’s best renewable energy solutions currently available on the market today thanks to their innovative design structure, impressive efficiency ratings and reliable performance capabilities even under extreme weather conditions or periods where lower light intensity levels are present such as during cloudy days or night time hours. With their relatively affordable pricing system along with generous warranty coverage options and other useful benefits like IP67 rated junction boxes plus their ability to generate free electricity by harnessing natural solar radiation; you cannot go wrong with choosing Rec Alpha Pure Solar Panels as your renewable energy source!