Lyon Arboretum Oahu

The beautiful Oahu Lyon Arboretum is a stunning botanical garden located on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii. With its lush tropical foliage and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, it’s no wonder why the arboretum is such a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. From educational tours to breathtaking hikes, there’s something for everyone at the Oahu Lyon Arboretum. Here are some of the top things to do while visiting this beautiful oasis in the Hawaiian Islands. Browse around this site

Take a Guided Tour: One of the best ways to explore and appreciate the beauty of the Oahu Lyon Arboretum is by taking one of their guided tours. Led by experienced horticulturalists, these tours offer an in-depth look into what makes this botanical garden so special. Visitors can learn about their different species of plants, trees and shrubs as well as get insight into how they are cultivated and maintained. Guides will also provide information about certain areas or types of vegetation that are unique to this region of Hawaii.

Explore the Trails: For those looking for a more adventurous experience, then exploring the trails within the arboretum is a must! There are numerous nature paths that meander through various parts of the park, including Lookout Point Trail which overlooks Hanauma Bay with stunning ocean views. Others include Bucaneer’s Trail which follows along Manoa Stream, as well as Hibiscus Trail which takes hikers through some of Hawaii’s tallest trees like koa and ohia trees. Each trek offers its own unique experiences, making them all must-dos when visiting the Oahu Lyon Arboretum!

Visit The Waterfall Garden: Located in the heart of this gorgeous botanical garden is The Waterfall Garden – an area filled with cascading waterfalls that trickle down hillside streams filled with native Hawaiian plants and flowers. Strolling through this part of the park allows visitors to admire natural beauty while listening to calming sounds provided by cascading waters. For photographers looking for dreamy photo opportunities, make sure to bring your camera because The Waterfall Garden certainly won’t disappoint!

Attend Events: Throughout the year, there are plenty of events held at Oahu Lyon Arboretum including plant lectures, educational classes focused on art or horticulture topics, cultural festivals and many more fun activities for families or groups looking for something different to do during their visit. These events introduce guests from around world to Hawaiian culture and customs while also giving them an opportunity to interact with local experts who can share interesting facts about Hawaiʻi’s flora & fauna!

Shop at The Gift Shop: Lastly but certainly not least is shopping at The Gift Shop within Oahu Lyon Arboretum! This store has unique items you won’t find elsewhere including clothing items adorned with tropical patterns & prints made specifically for visitors looking to commemorate their time spent in Hawaii’s paradise! There’s also locally-made jewelry featuring shells collected from nearby beaches as well as souvenirs such mugs & magnets featuring scenes from all throughout Hawaii`i islands perfect for bringing home memories from your trip!

Visiting Oahu Lyon Arboretum is truly an unforgettable experience that should be added to any itinerary when exploring Hawaii’s beauty! With so much awe-inspiring scenery & sights plus educational activities & shopping opportunities available here – it’s easy to see why this lush botanical garden remains one most popular attractions across entire state! So don’t forget stop off here next time y’all visiting O’ahu – it’ll be worth every minute spent wandering around these gardens! Browse next article