Solar Companies on Maui

Haleakala Solar and   Roofing in Maui is a full-service solar energy company offering expertly designed, installed and maintained solar energy systems for residential, commercial and government clients throughout Maui. We are the leading solar company on Maui providing exemplary service, with decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry, we provide custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.

Maui Solar Energy Systems

Haleakala Solar delivers energy independence through clean energy production for homes and businesses on Maui for more than 40 years. Our team includes certified professionals with expertise in renewable energy technology that provide a wide range of services including: residential solar system design, installation and maintenance; commercial roofing services; EV Charging Station installation in Maui; Home Solar Batteries in Maui; and other related services.

Our experienced staff can design and install integrated photovoltaic (PV) systems that produce free electricity from the sun’s rays. A hybrid system can be retrofitted to existing structures or included in new construction projects. Haleakala Solar also provides comprehensive reroofing services to keep roofs durable against Hawaii’s weather conditions, as well as repairs damage from termites, dry rot, leaks or any type of damage that may have occurred over time.

Maui PV Systems

The team at Haleakala Solar is committed to helping customers save money by providing customized solar solutions tailored to our specific needs. We specialize in working with customers to ensure our PV systems are optimized for maximum energy production and cost savings throughout its lifetime. The company works closely with customers during every step of the process from initial site assessment through equipment selection, system design/engineering and installation so we can rest assured knowing our investment will yield optimal results.

In addition to PV systems, Haleakala Solar also offers state-of-the-art home battery storage solutions that allow homeowners to store excess electricity generated by our systems during peak sunshine hours so it can be used later when the sun isn’t out—saving even more money on electric bills. The company also provides charge stations enabling plugging into electric vehicles (EVs), making it easier than ever before for drivers across Maui County to switch over to EVs while still enjoying convenient charging options close by home or workplace when needed most.

Haleakala Solar and Roofing is a full-service solar and roofing company located in Maui, Hawaii. Serving the residential and commercial clients of Maui County since 1998, Haleakala Solar has earned its reputation as one of the best solar companies on Maui. From solar panel installation to EV charging to home solar batteries, Haleakala Solar provides a variety of services related to solar energy. The commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has made Haleakala one of the premier solar companies on Maui.

Maui Solar Projects

Haleakala Solar offers many different services related to installing solar systems, including both residential and commercial applications. For instance, we provide services for grid-tied or off-grid systems, which allow customers to get the most out of our investment with maximum efficiency. In addition to standard grid-tied systems, we also install more specialized systems such as hybrid or backup power options. Customers can also get help with net metering agreements between them and our local utility companies so that we can store excess energy when it is being generated by the sun during peak hours and receive credits on our electric bills.

When it comes to helping customers reduce our carbon footprints through the use of renewable energy, Haleakala Solar offers several different options for installing solar hot water systems in homes and businesses across Maui County. With a range of designs that incorporate various levels of complexity, these systems offer various benefits including lower electricity costs from reduced hot water heating expenses. Additionally, many government incentives are available for customers who choose this type of system due to its environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Free EV Charging Stations Maui

Haleakala Solar also provides services for EV charging stations for both residential properties as well as commercial locations throughout Maui County. Providing both regular 120V outlets as well as high-speed 240V outlets depending on customer needs, these charging stations offer convenience without sacrificing performance or reliability. In addition to providing reliable power sources for EVs all over Maui County, these charging stations serve an additional purpose – helping drivers save money while being eco-friendly at the same time!

Hawaii Battery Storage

Homeowners in need of energy storage solutions need not look further than Haleakala Solar’s array of home battery installations in Maui County. Not only do these batteries offer valuable backup power sources in case of unexpected outages or brownouts but we can also be used during hours when electricity costs are high – allowing customers greater control over our electricity usage patterns throughout the day/month/year. Additionally, these batteries come with special warranties that cover any potential defects or malfunctions so homeowners have peace mind knowing that our investment is protected against any potential harm due to manufacturing errors or normal wear & tear over time.

Maui Reroofing Services

Of course, it would be remiss not to mention one final important service offered by Haleakala Solar – reroofing & roofing services! With decades of experience providing experienced roofers & reroofers to customers all around Maui county, Haleakala’s team is able to repair & install roofs quickly & efficiently while making sure each job meets safety standards but still looks great at the same time! Whether it’s a simple repair job after a storm hits or a complete overhaul requiring new materials & lots of labor – Haleakala’s team knows how to get it done right every time!

Maui County Building Permits

Getting a building permit in Maui County can be a challenging task, but the process is made easier with the help of Haleakala Solar Hawaii.   We are familiar with all of the local regulations and will make sure that your application is up-to-date and approved quickly. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through every step of the process and provide helpful advice to ensure that everything goes smoothly. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Maui Energy

At Haleakala Solar and Roofing in Maui, we believe everyone deserves access to affordable clean energy—which is why we strive for exceptional customer service excellence at every turn along the way ensuring 100% total satisfaction on every project we undertake on behalf of clients across the island state of Hawai’I. As one of the top solar companies on Maui since 1986—we remain dedicated towards helping people make the switch from fossil fuels towards renewable sources such as wind and solar power so Hawaii can be less dependent upon imported oil while also reducing our environmental impact too!

In conclusion – from offering some of the best services related directly related solar installations such as grid tied setups & home battery installs down to more mundane duties like reroofing & repairs – there really isn’t much that Haleakala Solar & Roofing doesn’t do when it comes helping house/business owners make better use out renewable energy sources while enjoying lower electricity bills at the same time! As one of the premier solar companies on Maui – anyone looking for professional help making smart investments into renewable energy definitely should consider giving this company a call first before making any final decisions (as you won’t regret it!).


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