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Solar Skirt in Hawaii

Solar Skirt in Hawaii

The tropical paradise of Hawaii is a perfect place to install a solar system on your rooftop. With abundant sunshine and an even warmer climate, you can easily take advantage of the natural resources available to power your home. However, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal, installing a solar skirt is the perfect addition to any rooftop solar system.


At Haleakala Solar, we understand that in addition to the energy savings that come with using solar energy, homeowners also want their systems to have an aesthetically pleasing look. We offer quality solar skirts that are designed specifically for use in Hawaii so that you can enhance the overall look and performance of your roof-mounted solar system.


A solar skirt is simply a piece of fabric or other material attached around the base of a rooftop solar array. It serves two main purposes: first, it helps protect the underlying surface from damage caused by rainwater; second, it helps improve the overall visual appeal of the photovoltaic array. The size and design of each skirt depends on both your needs and budget – our team at Haleakala Solar will happily assist you in finding the best product for your individual requirements.


Solar skirts are also extremely effective when it comes to protecting your property from running water patterns caused by storms or periods of heavy rainfall common on Hawaiian islands. This protection not only extends to preventing costly damage around your house’s foundation but also keeps roofs looking cleaner and more attractive over time. By creating an impermeable barrier between any water runoff and the underlying surface below, you’ll be able to keep your roof maintained without having to worry about water damage or discoloration caused by prolonged exposure.


Solar Panel Side Skirts


Solar panel side skirts in Hawaii from Haleakala Solar are an innovative technology that can help protect solar panels from the wind and rain while helping improve the efficiency of the system. The skirts are usually made from a combination of durable, high-performance fabrics and aluminum or other metal components. These skirts wrap around each individual solar panel, creating an additional layer of protection for the system. Not only do these side skirts serve as a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions, but they also help keep debris, bird droppings, leaves, and dust away from the panels so that they can operate at peak performance levels. 


In addition to providing protection for solar panels from inclement conditions, side skirts from Haleakala Solar also help reduce the amount of energy lost due to wind drag. By creating an aerodynamic profile around each panel, these skirts create a smoother flow of air around and over the photovoltaic (PV) cells. This reduces turbulence which can cause wind drag and resulting energy losses. Furthermore, by deflecting rainwater away from the panels themselves, these side skirts can also help minimize water pooling on top of them which could lead to short circuits or other electrical issues. 


Finally, side skirts can also work together with mounting systems to increase their overall stability in strong winds or heavy rains. By wrapping both around each panel as well as securely attaching them to mounting rails or frames below; this creates a much more secure setup without having to rely on additional structures such as guy wires or stakes for support. This helps ensure that your solar array will remain strong when facing severe weather conditions in Hawaii and beyond.


Solar Array Skirts


Solar array skirts are an essential part of the solar energy system installed at Haleakala Solar in Hawaii. These skirts are placed around the base of the panels and are designed to create a uniform aesthetic, improve overall efficiency, and protect the system from harsh weather conditions. The skirts also help to reduce glare by blocking direct sunlight, which in turn decreases the amount of reflected light hitting the ground. The skirts come in two types: lightweight and heavy-duty. Lightweight skirts are made of a single-ply material that helps increase heat absorption without adding too much weight to the rooftop. Heavy-duty skirts feature multiple layers of material that provide more durability against high winds and driving rain from tropical storms. Aside from weather protection, solar array skirts also help with installation costs because they can be easily removed for maintenance purposes or replaced with new ones if needed. Finally, these skirts add an aesthetically pleasing aspect to any solar panel array since they come in a variety of colors and textures that can match any home’s exterior design. Installing these skirts is vital for making sure your solar energy system works properly and remains efficient throughout its lifespan.

In terms of aesthetics, a well-fitted and constructed solar skirt can drastically improve how appealing your rooftop array looks while still allowing plenty of sunlight into its photovoltaic cells must continue functioning at peak levels. Our custom-made solar skirts come in various colors and styles so that you can find one that perfectly complements both your home’s exterior design as well as its environment – making sure you get maximum style points no matter which way you look at it! 


Overall, installing a solar skirt should be part of your regular maintenance routine for any type of rooftop mounting system located above ground level here in Hawaii (as opposed to flush mounts). They help preserve both structural integrity as well as visual appeal – ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they need out of their photovoltaic array! So if you are looking for ways to increase efficiency while enhancing overall appearance, then consider investing in one of our quality Haleakala Solar Skirts today!